Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Academic Integrity

ASU does not consider honesty a matter of choice, but rather it is considered a mandate. ASU has a very strict policy on cheating of any kind. The punishments range from simply having to redo an assignment to receiving an XE grade on the student’s official transcript. The XE grade signifies “failure due to academic dishonesty.”

Integrity is a very important life lesson to be learned. In today’s society often times cutting corners and doing whatever it takes to get ahead is not frowned upon unless the individual gets caught. It is very important to have integrity in every endeavor which a person undertakes. Leslie Shell refers to integrity as an “academic culture,” reaching much further than simply the classroom setting. It is what an individual does in all walks of life. In 2004 the Office of Research Integrity made a report on cases of scientific research misconduct in the years 1993-1997. During that time period the numbers steadily increased (“Scientific Conduct Investigations 1993-97”). The ways in which individuals can cheat are becoming more diverse, making it easier for people to do it.

It is important to develop the “habit” of academic integrity early on life. Shell cites the Psychology of Academic cheating as reporting that 67 percent of students with no history of cheating in high school continued to practice academic integrity in college.

Many students have gotten caught in situation in which they did not knowingly cheat. This is still considered cheating. Shell advises that if a student is in doubt of a policy, ask the professor before acting. Remember, honesty is always the best policy.

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BWaer12 said...

I think you did a very good job on this blog. You not only had strong points, but you proved them all with facts from multiple sources. I find it interesting that people who do not cheat in high school usually do not cheat in college. I guess old habits die hard?