Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Student Success

When entering college, especially a university, right out of high school, many students find themselves overwhelmed. Afsaneh Nahavandi, the associate dean for University College, created some tips for freshman students to apply in order to help them adjust to the college learning environment.

She says the key to success at ASU is good grades and staying on track to receive the desired degree. This may seem like a given, but under the less structured college atmosphere, many students lose sight of their underlying purpose in going to school. However, she stresses the importance of keeping a well-rounded life. She suggests working, not more than 20 hours, joining different clubs and organizations, exercising regularly, and meeting new people. While these things can help students maintain a healthy lifestyle while going to school, she provides other tips on how to do well in the classes themselves.

The number one lesson to learn is TIME MANAGEMENT. In high school the classes are very structured with not much homework or time spent on studying. College is very different. Most professors expect their students to spend two or three hours on homework per hour spent in class. This can seem rather overwhelming if time is not spent wisely. Also, many classes can have the same due dates for assignments and professors do not always remind students when things are due. It is very important then to take responsibility and keep track of everything. Having a planner or some kind of calendar to organize events can be very useful. If students utilize these helpful techniques, the transition from high school to college can be much less stressful. Also the time and money spent on college can be decreased dramatically.

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LaJoyce said...

I am glad you referred to Afsaneh Nahavandi because her points were straight forward and simple to follow in order to be successful